Update on Sly

Well, my boy is in Germany. He is in a town called Bad Bermstedt. It is a small tow in the north ogf Grmany. He will be in training there for three months to get him ready for the German championships for 5 year olds in Sept. He made the trip like a trooper. The hardest part for him ( and me) was the takeoff. The jet really rumbles when you are in the back. The trip from Amsterdam took two days because of a snow storm. When we got there he fell right into the routine and was ready for work in three days. He was quite fit before the trip so it didn't seem to take too much out of him. He is in full training now and doing well under saddle. He had a bit of trouble in the last trip they took him on. I have a feeling the trailer is too small for him. He is a big boy. Doro's jumping trainer was pleased with him and thought he was talented. So far so good.